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We, us, our team, “our”: Quikkk, Qkkk or Qkkk LTD.

You: Customer, Subscriber.

About our SEO Services & Packages

1. We have over 10 years of SEO industry experience developing SEO software and strategies. Our experience and track record demonstrates our ability to deliver results

2. All SEO strategies and implementations are flexible and can be adjusted or reversed as required.

3. Our SEO goal is to bolster your online business profile and generate increased impressions, clicks and sales.

4. While we strive for ongoing positive results, the nature of SEO marketing means rankings and results will fluctuate over time. This is due to several factors including, but not limited to Search Engines updates, new market competition, external spam attacks/actions, macroeconomic factors and conflicts with previous optimisation setups.

5. By acknowledging point 1,2,3,4 regarding our SEO Services and Packages, you agree to absolve us from any form of personal and legal liability for the websites and businesses registered with us for SEO Services.

About our Pay Per Click, Web Design & Hosting Packages

6. We have over 8 years of experience with Web Hosting setups and Pay Per Click campaigns. In addition, we have 5 years of experience in Web Design as both freelance and White Label Agency designers.

7. Changes in performance resulting in negative fluctuations in website impressions and conversions can happen at any time. These can be the result of external factors beyond our control, including, but not limited to, changes to competitor advertising strategies, search engine updates or macro-economic factors.

8. Considering point 7, you agree to absolve us from any form of personal and legal liability related to the websites and businesses subscribed to our services.

About our Hosting & Combo Packages

Customer Responsibilities

9. Under no circumstances is the customer authorized to engage in any activity that is illegal under local, national or international laws while utilizing QKKK Services. The list of banned content includes, but is not limited to:

  • Copyrighted material without the explicit permission of the copyright owner including video, audio and text.
  • IRC – running any type of IRC software such as IRC client software, IRC server software, web-based IRC software and IRC bots.
  • Proxy/VPN – We prohibit any proxy/VPN set-ups or connections or any sort of activity through remote proxy connections.
  • HYIP – We prohibit HYIP web sites and web sites involved in advertising or promotion of such resources.
  • Warez – Pirated or cracked versions of commercial software, hacking tools, emulators and guides to such activities.
  • Spyware / Malware / Scareware – virus/spyware distribution via a dedicated server managed by Customer that may cause a security breache to others, will result in account termination.
  • For more information check our Acceptable Use Policy

10. Customer agrees to keep secure the all login information to Dedicated Server located at QKKK facility. Sharing your Dedicated Server with unauthorized third party is strictly prohibited. It is the responsibility of a Customer to prevent unauthorized access into the Customer’s systems.

The Customer will inform QKKK immediately of any problems or interruptions of services, equipment or software malfunctioning that the Customer has discovered while using the Service including illegal/potential illegal activities by unauthorized parties.

Customer is responsible to use the equipment leased by QKKK with due care and intentional misusage of the equipment may result in Customer’s financial liability. It is Customer’s sole responsibility to make regular back-ups of your data and files used in connection with the Services. QKKK may make our own periodic back-ups for server maintenance purposes, however Soar is not responsible whatsoever for the loss of data or files.

About Communications

Communications will be primarily by email and support ticket.

The customer must be aware of the various threats on the web, such as clickjacking, malware and viruses, so as not to transmit infected messages to others.

Specifically, Clickjacking is an attack that tricks a user into clicking a webpage element which is invisible or disguised as another element. This can cause users to unwittingly download malware, visit malicious web pages, provide credentials or sensitive information, transfer money, or purchase products online.

11. The customer is responsible for any clickjacking-like threats, malware or viruses transmitted by email and or telephone that may cause a violation of privacy and or damage our devices.

About the data stored on our website, including communications by email

12. We store data for essential communications only.

13. Occasionally, we provide you with offers or deals for our products and packages, but you can opt out at anytime

About Payments & Minimum Terms

14. There are no minimum terms, but you are advised to subscribe to our services for at least 3 months to see clearly the impact of our work.

15. Payments are tracked on your “my account” page, and you can cancel subscriptions anytime with a “one-click” button.

About the Privacy Policy

16. You agree with the terms listed on this page: https://quikkk.co.uk/privacy-policy/

Updated on 29/04/2023

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